Monday, November 8, 2010


I've been a "blogger" since Valentine's Day last year, but I kept it anonymous so as to keep people from really having an opportunity to know me.  I am done with that! Here is my new, official blog that I'm sure will be full of ups and downs. I may copy and paste entries from my old blog, but for the most part, I am starting fresh. 
As most people know, this has been an incredibly difficult several months. 
B U T 
I am blessed beyond reason, so I intend on embracing that aspect of my life. 
To start this off the right way, I am going to write about one thing that I am grateful for, all the way up through Thanksgiving. I know, I get into the spirit of things!! (haha)

(Tamiz photography)

I'd like you to meet my best friend and her husband: Elena and Cameron.
Aren't they beautiful?! This weekend we wrote a song together... or rather, Cameron had a partial song and Elena and I put our two cents in. 
I fell asleep singing the song, doing my best to stay positive when circumstances aren't the greatest. Elena was my roommate a year ago, and since then we have continued to get closer and closer. Her husband is stealing her from me, and they plan on moving to Wyoming in December. GAHHHHH. I hate that! But I am buying my spring break plane ticket soon.
Anyway, these are two wonderful people who I love very, very much. We drink lots of coffee, and Elena makes awesome ginger cookies! 
So, since I have to go to my night class and I don't want to ramble, I am so very grateful for Elena and Cameron. Yay!

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