Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sometimes I start to wallow, and then I have a really great day.

This time, I owe it to my good friend, Anthony. I went to church this morning. That was great, as usual. It's hard for me to take refuge in God, sometimes. I get wrapped up in "hearing" myself and focusing on how to analyze each and every situation that comes my way. But today was very uncomplicated. 

Anthony bought me this really stupid Sprite ornament thing. I made fun of it and people who buy things like that, so naturally he bought it for me. I got a good laugh out of that....

I made some prideful remark about how awesome I'm getting at Wii golfing, so Anthony decided to put me in my place by taking me to a driving range. I have never in my life done anything close to golfing, other than put-put with my dad.  This was an embarrassment, but admittedly I had a ton of fun making a fool of myself.

I like Orange Leaf, a lot. I ended up with the huge cup, but at least it was better than last time. You see, I thought this was a buffet, for some reason. If you've been here, you'll understand how ridiculous and expensive this mistake was.

Don't mix strawberry and coffee ice cream together.  Strawberries and coffee ice cream is delicious, but strawberry ice cream and coffee ice cream is not so delicious. I go nuts in ice cream places. I am very indecisive when it comes to my frozen delights.

Finally, we saw Inception. I've seen it three times, and it is still an excellent movie.

Now, I am trying to write a sonnet. I am incapable. Therefore, I am going to post this blog, instead. 



Amyschmamey said...

Awe! Fun blog post! My brother. He is pretty good at cheering people up! I love him. LOVE your bad orange leaf experience with Strawberry and coffee. It doesn't sound yummy at all ha ha. I usually get strawberry and top it with a bunch of fruit, coconut and gummy bears. Either that or I get Strawberry topped with fruity pebbles. Now those are WINS! :)


Lizard said...

I know, he's pretty great. I wouldn't have made it through the last few months without him. And he mentioned the fruity pebbles but didn't know what you put it with.

I'm pretty sure Anthony is gonna buy it, so you guys ought to have a movie date... :)