Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I am in a very good mood.

I am not always in a good mood, so this is relevant!
Good things about today:
1. I slept in!
2. I remembered that somebody described me as "alluring." I have never been given that description before, and it kinda made me feel good about myself. Haha!
3. I discovered Beach House's album, Teen Dream!
4. An old lady at work told me that I'm good at everything! Oh man, hello, self-esteem boost! (Haha.) But then again, another lady looked at me and told me that I will always look homely. Oh well. 
5. This song came on and made me feel very empowered. This rather recent break-up left me very battered, but this song made me feel quite alright about it, oddly. It was nice. Have you noticed that music sort of defines me, yet??
6. I wrote four poems about old people.
Here is one of the ten I will turn in tomorrow. I never thought that poetry was my forte, but my professor seems to think I'm pretty good. Who knows, really.

Losing Sight

Yesterday, I thought that what I’ve
been doing is of no consequence.
I’m tired of repeating myself
to people that will never hear again.
I’m worn out trying to understand
where your mind is when you
talk about your deceased parents
in the present tense. I don’t
want to walk slowly anymore,
just so that you can catch up, and I’m
tired of taking so many factors
into consideration when trying to
simply offer a drink. Is the temperature
too cold for your gums? is there artificial
sugar for your diabetes? Will your epilepsy
warrant a lid, or should I hold the straw
for you? Do I need to thicken the liquid
with powder so that you can swallow, or
can I just put the cup down and walk away?
But when I trudged into your room yesterday,
I saw you crying. Unnerved, I sat down
beside you, and when you put your head on
my shoulder, I felt the ninety-three years
of life and individuality leaning on my
short years, and I wondered who I was
to stir a drink for someone like you.

7. I was mentioned on Amy's blog, and it made me feel like a million buckssssss.
Check out her posts; she's awesome!
8. My little brother called me while I was at Ziggie's and asked me what I wanted for Christmas. He reminded me that he only gets $5 a week, so my gift might be kinda late. I told him that I like owls and that he should draw me a picture and put it in a frame. I really hope that's what he does, because I'd love to have "little brother art" hanging in my apartment. He cut me off mid-sentence to let me know what he wanted for Christmas. Que cute.
9. I came home to find mail!!!!!!! I love mail!!!!!!!!
My mom sent me the cutest hand towels to make my home more festive.
Isn't she the greatest?!
10. I am now home to study for a final and finish up some poetry, and my house smells like cider. Thank you, super awesome candle that only cost me $5 from Walmart! You were the best five dollars I ever spent. Maybe I should have told my brother that I wanted another candle for Christmas... This has been my favorite candle for going on two years now, so here is my official recommendation for candle lovers: Mulled Cider from WALMART!

Alright, well, I can't avoid finals any longer. Wish me luck, friends!

Cheers. :)


Amyschmamey said...

That is awesome! To be called alluring! What? Nobody says that... UNLESS THEY'RE AWESOME! holy cow.
And you are welcome for the mention! Your blog is great! :) I really hope that some people come your way. If not... Please keep blogging, because I enjoy stalking your life this way! ha ha ha. :)

Lillian said...

That poem is great! I love the end, so poignant. BTW I'm following you now...Amyschmamey introduced me to your blog and she's right it is great!!

Lizard said...

@Amy: I know, right. I mean c'mon.. alluring?!?! Haha. And thank you agaaaainn. Stalk away! Ha.
@Lillian: Thank you, thank you! I'm following you, too!