Monday, January 17, 2011

Sometimes I wish I was Swedish.

So I've realized that my downer posts may have been a result of too much Mumford & Sons... I'm not very good at switching up my music-- I like to internalize entire albums for MONTHS before switching to another artist.
When I realized that Mumford & Sons is going to have to be treated like Keane, I put the album aside. I am now on a mission to find happy music! Pandora is currently playing of Montreal. I think I really like them.

Anyway, so as far as the weekend goes, I worked two doubles in a row. This is going to be a weekly adventure that I am not looking forward to; however, it'll be good to get some money-making hours into my schedule.

I've had a great weekend, seriously. I hung out with Amy, her hubs and Anthony on Friday night, Saturday was spent at work, but Sunday was spent with Anthony! We went antiquing. It was awesome. I forgot to change the settings on my Instagram app, though, so my pictures didn't save.. :( I'm waiting for Anthony to send me the pictures he took so that I can actually blog about this awesome adventure. Hint @Anthony.
Today I cleaned my entire house. I swept, mopped, did laundry, organized my closet... the whole nine yards. New Year's Resolution: check! (And I'm still on track with my diet!)

Also, I watched The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and The Girl Who Played With Fire. My next goal is to buy the books and read them. (I also need to find The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest, but Family Video didn't have it..) How have I not heard about this?! Why is nobody talking about this movie!? I think it came out in 2009???
These movies, especially the first one, were incredible. I tried to watch them while cleaning, but since it's in Swedish, I can't exactly multi-task. Apparently there's going to be an "Americanized" version of these movies coming out pretty soon, and I will not watch them. Usually, I like to read the books before I see the movies, but I was at RedBox and saw the first movie for a buck and figured I would check it out. I had no idea what it was about, and I had no idea that it was a foreign film. It was the best accident, by far; but, I definitely want to read the books.

* Warning: This movie was insanely intense.

This post was rather scatterbrained, but I had several things that I wanted to mention at one time.

Keep posted for my antiquing adventure, AND Amy is making my blog layout!! I love her; she is so awesome. I'm stoked!

Cheers, everyone!


amyschmamey said...

Oh.... I see why Anthony didn't want me to come over to his place with you. He didn't want to share his friend with me. Well. That's ok. We will hang out... and I am going to help you add more cuteness to your already cute blog. :)

kristin elena. said...

i LOVE the millennium trilogy. i read the first 2 books in about 3 days! the 3rd took me a lot longer b/c i didn't want the series to end. :[ i saw the 1st movie too. the book is better. but i still enjoyed it. i need to find the 2nd movie asap.