Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Passionate hatred?

"Passionate hatred can give meaning and purpose to an empty life."
-Eric Hoffer

Did you know that there are 37 active hate groups in Missouri alone? 
[A group with a Neo-Nazi ideology is in Springfield.]

“When … you take a German Shepherd and mix him with a Golden Retriever you have a worthless animal that nobody wants and that isn’t worth anything if you’re trying to breed him or sell him. … [T]hese degenerates that allow their children to race mix and this sort of thing, they’re destroying the bloodlines of both races.
— NSM leader Jeff Schoep, July 25, 2007, interview 

“I do not see the niggers, homosexuals, mexicans, jews, or even child molesters ashamed or afraid to speak their minds and rally, march, post, and be activists for their sick cause. And too many brave men and women died to give me the chance to fight now. I will honor their blood and fight for soil.”
— Prominent NSM member J.T. Ready, in a June 15, 2008, blog post

There are 66 in Texas.
[A group with a Ku Klux Klan ideology is in San Antonio.]

"What We Believe. The WHITE RACE: The irreplaceable hub of our nation, our Christian Faith, and the high levels of Western Culture and Technology."
— Nation Knights website

There are 28 in Illinois.
[A group with Black Separatist ideology is in Chicago.]

"These false Jews promote the filth of Hollywood that is seeding the American people and the people of the world and bringing you down in moral strength. … It's the wicked Jews, the false Jews, that are promoting lesbianism, homosexuality. It's the wicked Jews, false Jews, that make it a crime for you to preach the word of God, then they call you homophobic!"
— Louis Farrakhan, Saviours' Day speech, Feb. 26, 2006

I have lived in all three of these places. 

(here's where I found this info: SPL Center)

This is insane, to me. My previous post, "Everyone's a little bit racist," discussed some of these issues, but even though we can all admit to having some prejudices, would we ever take it this far?

Of course I would say no, but how did these people get to this point? Socialization? Family? 

There are extremists in almost every situation-- I get that. But "hate" is something that I have difficulty wrapping my mind around. 

So, as a tribute (not) to the half-time show:

Whatever happened to the fairness in equality
Instead in spreading love we spreading animosity
Lack of understanding, leading lives away from unity

... Cheers.


Lillian said...

Being a Jewish woman who is also a Christian (Jewish by ancestry, Christian by choice), I have personally been confronted by passionate hate. It is a sad and even a bit frightful state of affairs. How did it get there? I haven't a clue, I have ancestors who faced pogrums and I have ancestors who died in the concentration camps and I have yet to be able answer the question of how it got that far.

Breeanna @ a brilliant melody said...

I think hate can become so strong through learning it early and being shelter. Also having bad experiences with a certain race can cause a person to hate that specific race. I know a lot of Marines who fought in Iraq have a strong hatred towards Muslims.

Gwiddle said...

Wow. Atleast I live in a light peach colored state? I really hate all of the extremist's (whoops I guess I am sort of a "hate" group by saying this) But seriously, I do not understand their logic. This is kind of a scary reality. I can't believe that California is so high. Thanks for sharing girl. I hope you have a hate free night ;) Okay sometimes I suck at leaving good comments.. I have re-typed this like 10 times. Everything I typed sounded a little "punny" or lame. Sorry for the lame comment. I'll try better next time!

Lydia said...

I am a Jew and have definitely faced this hatred. I was called a "kike" in a local Wal-Mart when I was looking for a movie and was told to get out by that worker. (Yes I complained). It is so sad that people can have so much hate for one group. But I will proudly proclaim I am a Jew and a daughter of Abraham. It is crazy how many hate groups there are here. But I guess hate is everywhere.

Good post.

la petite lydia said...

Ps. That comment is from me (la petite lydia) but it just has me as Lydia for some reason :)

Janna Lynn said...

Oh my Lydia's comment made my heart hurt...someone calling such a sweet girl a sick name is just ludicrous. I have never understood Hate groups. They seem like a large group of really scared people, which is just sad. Breeanna makes an excellent point about how hate can be born...sometimes in war people use hate as part of the strategy to stay alive...and that hate doesn't just disappear when they return home. I really like how your post got me to sit back and reflect on the nature of fear and hate and how it is connected. It really reinforces the importance of being strong and positive in my life and world views. Thanks for the post! Hearts, Janna Lynn