Monday, May 30, 2011


I thought that summer was going to bring me a lot of excess time, but I guess it's safe to say that I'm as busy as I ever was. HOWEVER, I am busy doing the things that I love: working with my oldies, hanging out with my good friends and reading. It has been a great couple of weeks since school let out, and I am unfortunately dreading the beginning of summer school in another couple of weeks. It will be all over soon enough, though.

So... I've told this story to a ton of people, but it's too good not to share with anyone who reads this. At least, I thought it was hilarious.

I'm in a resident's room at work washing my hands in her bathroom.  I noticed in the mirror that I had a weird crease on my boob. (Do I not have a mirror in my house?? I must not use it, because too often I leave the house with strange stains on my shirts or awkward makeup catastrophes.)  I stuck my hand up my shirt to try and smooth it out, and it only made it worse! I could not figure out what it was, so I looked around quickly to make sure that nobody could see me, and I lifted up my shirt.  Lo and behold I find a sock. A sock?!?! How the whatsit did I go ALL DAY with a sock between my bra and my shirt and not notice it?! And thanks, my so-called friends, for letting me know that I had an awkward growth.

Moving on, this Sunday, Anthony and I went to Busiek with Amy, Dave, Lindsey and Bren. It was so much fun! You can check out her blog, here.

Amy, I'm stealing a picture, because I have a feeling that some electronically challenged people *cough, mom* don't click on my links.

I hung out with Brendan for most of the adventure, because I was his "rescuer lifer." I carried him through all of the "deep water" or when his feet hurt. I love my little buddy...

We floated in the creek through some of the more rapid water and it was loads of fun, despite a few scraped bottoms/backs.  We tried hiking back to the car, but we got stuck at a dead end... only after wading through horse crap and mud up to our ankles.  It was gross, but hey- if we can get through literal crap together, I'm guessing we can handle most things.

I got super sunburned. I don't know why sunscreen didn't cross my mind, but aloe is my new best friend.

We went back to Amy and Dave's for steak, potatoes and salad, and then Anthony, Lindsey and I made strawberry limeades.  I got the idea off of a picture on pinterest. We changed it up a bit, but basically, you blend up a bunch of strawberries, add a bunch of lime juice, sugar and soda water. Tada-- delicious!

As I wrote in an earlier post, I've been buying Lindsey books. I love to read, so I'm trying to get her hooked on the books I used to read as a kid. Well, I guess Amy told Linds to write me a letter:

Dear Liz your asome because you tot me how to read amelia Bedlia Books. I think yell be a graet ant. Will you come to my Birthday? If you come bring anthiny to OK. Your the best. did you have fun at Busic? That water was cold hu? When it was olmost grandparents celebrachin I tawled to my grandma Valla for 30 minits! Esint it Asome? thank you for giving me 5 Amelia Bedelia Books. I only have 2 that I havint read yet. I love the jack and anni Books to. Your graet I mean graet Love Lindsey

Those kids make my heart feel squishy.

Today, Antho and I went on a date to Cheddar's, and then we shopped around a bit where there were sales going on for Memorial Day. I SAW SO MANY OLD PEOPLE TODAY!!! It was the greatest thing, ever! Gah, they were so cute.  I snuck pictures of a few couples, but I'd feel like the next level of creeper if I were to post them; trust me, I considered it.

Speaking of oldies, here's a drawing that my friend/resident drew. She used to be quite the artist.

After she finished, she said, "... She isn't from the United States."

Anyway, I bought a cookie jar today! I've been on the lookout for the perfect one ever since I moved into my own place, and today was the day!

Naturally, I had to bake cookies so I had cookies to go in the jar. I have the most logical logic, I think. I baked chocolate chip cookies, minus the chocolate chips, plus Heath bar bits and white chocolate covered pretzels. They are delicious.

Right now I'm listening to Pandora while Anthony reads "The Hunger Games." (I read the entire trilogy over three days last week in between work/other stuff. Read them!) We are going to have smoothies later and watch more Buffy. :) :)


PS- It is hotter than hell in my house right now. My air conditioner is a joke, and this girl is about ready to jump into a freezer.


Lillian said...

It sounds like a great weekend! Two letters from two different people that is fantastic!! I love letters from kids, they are so funny and so honest. You will make a great relative (as opposed to an insect =>).

Time to call the super./landlord and get that air conditioner fixed. Goodness I'm a bigger whimp when I'm hot than when I'm cold.

I'm reading Hunger Games now. Since I only read it at night before bed and frequently fall asleep with it in my hands, so its taking me FOR.EVER. The books are really good, NOT boring, that isn't why I fall asleep while reading them.

Have fun with your summer class. How many weeks of class do you have?

Lillian said...

PS I love the cookie jar!

amyschmamey said...

AWE! I love this. Minus the sunburn. Glad you are self medicating that. :) I WENT SHOPPING TODAY TOO!!!! Great minds. I love your cookie jar and want some of the cookies that are inside. PLease. And I am very pleased that my brother is reading The Hunger Games Series. :) Go ANT!

Cheyloe said...

I love this post, your tattoo, and your cookie jar!

Indy Grrrl said...

One time, I had a dryer sheet tucked in my sweater somehow. It was so embarassing!

la petite lydia said...

Ok, that story cracked me up. I love it. How does that even happen? You're awesome.

Ouchie to the sunburn, but hooray for having a wonderful time. And that letter, too adorable.

We should hang out sometime soon, if we ever have a free day on the same day! And maybe even kidnap Amy and take her to HuHot.

Mariel Sarah said...

oh my gosh, that sock story almost made me die of laughter. i hope you don't mind...i'm laughing with you, not at you ;)

also, that "oh ugly me" sketch...hilarious! old people are the best!

Amylou said...

A SOCK?! Haha! I've left the house with dryer sheets up in my pant legs before! Kept thinking there was a bug up my pants. So freaky!

Oh no! That sunburn looks painful!

Haha! Lindsey's letter cracked me up. What a cutie pie! Especially since she said oh yeah you can bring my uncle too! LOL

YOU READ THE HUNGER GAMES?! How much did you love it?!!!