Sunday, July 17, 2011

I'm usually not a girly girl

... but yesterday was the exception.
I drove to Columbia, MO to visit one of my best friends, Carolyn. She played the harp, and I played the violin in our orchestra in high school. I was originally from Chicago, and she was originally from Miami. We both hated Texas when we first moved there, so we bonded over that. I thought she was stuck-up when I first met her, and I had no interest in friending her.

Anyway, that obviously changed. I even wrote a paper about her when I was a junior in high school, I think.

We have both ended up in Missouri, but there are several hours between us.

We went to Panera and talked for about two hours, and then we decided to drive around and find something to do. Randomly, she says, "I want to get my belly button pierced."
Background on Carolyn: She plays the harp, Monday mornings are her favorite, she adores pink and polka dots, and she rewards her hard work with high heels.
So I say, "Sure!"

The conditions were that I had to hold her hand and get a piercing of my own. I wanted to get my nose re-pierced, but work doesn't allow that. I settled on getting my cartilage pierced.


She was really nervous, and she couldn't stop giggling. We are pretty sure that the guy thought that we were lesbians, because she kept saying that she needed me to hold her hand, etc. I was clearly the butch, as she is Miss Priss. ;)
But hey- Carolyn's cool. I could handle the misperception for a day... haha.
It was so good to see her; she's probably one of two people left that "knew me when." It was nice to have that for a day.. Do you know what I mean? People change, and I know that I have. But Carolyn and I have kind of changed together, if that makes any sense. Well anyway, I needed yesterday, even if I'm not much of a girly girl. I mean, I almost got a pedicure of all things. (?!)


Lillian said...

That is so cool! When I was a kid we moved around so much that it was difficult to make that kind of life-long friend. But God is good because as an adult I have met women who are now life-long friends.

Next time get a pedicure, they are really great and make you feel pretty. =>

♥ Nadine ♥ said...

Wow, that is really cool! I love it that you guys were so spontaneous!! :) And while I would never get a belly button piercing, I really feel your cartilage piercing... :)
I totally know, what you are talking about. It's so good to have those people in life - I mean, you don't see her very often, but I bet you could call her in the middle of the night and she'd be there for you, right??


Ashley said...

Oh how fun. I love doing things like that. I had my belly button pierced for like five years. It was funny how it happened because I'd been begging for it and my dad was totally against it and then one day he came home from work and was like lets go get it done. I was so happy. lol Also I've always wanted my nose done. and I totally know what you mean by friends like that. It's really cool how y'all have kinda ended up near each other.

CaliChic143 said...

Love it!! Sounds like a fun day!! Nothing like getting to spend time with a friend like that!! :-)

amyschmamey said...

Looks like fun times. I had my cartilage pierced. It hurt like heck to have it done, and then it never healed, but I also had it pierced with a gun... wonder if that was the difference. You know me, I'm not much of the girly type either, but this day does sound like it was fun. :)