Thursday, August 11, 2011

Time has a knack of pulling the rug out from underneath us.

Well... now that I'm an adult and all-- you know, graduated and such, I'm getting pretty overwhelmed with all that it means. I mean, I've started cooking! I now plan out when I'm going to clean my house, and I'm using chemicals to clean my shower... my counters... What's wrong with me!? All of a sudden I'm trying to be extra responsible! It's like... I no longer have an excuse to be a child. That's scary!

And I've been thinking a lot about what has gotten me to this point. Sometimes it's a good feeling to think about what I've done, but other times it's depressing to see how I could have done things better, or maybe done them right the first time around. 

I've been listening to Keane, and I think this says whatever well:

Sometimes I feel like it's all been done
Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one
Sometimes I wanna change everything I've ever done
Sometimes I feel like a little lost child
Sometimes I feel like the chosen one
Sometimes I wanna shout out 'til everything goes quiet
Sometimes I wonder why I was ever born
And if I stop for a minute
I think about things really I don't wanna know
And I'm the first to admit it
Without you I'm child and so wherever you go
I will follow

I've also been reading The Name of the Wind and A Wise Man's Fear by Patrick Rothfuss. This is Anthony's favorite author, for good reason, and I am now a huge fan. I'll do a review at some point, I'm sure, but until then, just read these books. If you're looking for light reading, this is not it. These books make me think and make me want to "be."

Sometimes I don't want to have all of the knowledge that I have; sometimes I want to be my raw self, without all of the layers that keep me from that hide my interesting parts.

"But instead, she simply walked through the walls. She didn't know any better. Nobody had ever told her she couldn't. Because of this, she moved through the city like some faerie creature. She walked roads no one else could see, and it made her music wild and strange and free." -Patrick Rothfuss

Now sing at the top of your lungs, "we won't be leaving by the same road that we came by," and perhaps you'll feel a little bit of the empowerment that I feel when I sing along with Keane.

This was a scatterbrained post, I know, but sometimes it's all mushy up in those hemispheres.


Lillian said...

I know.

*^_^* said...

Nodding my head in agreement!
Nice post! Keep it coming!