Monday, October 24, 2011

smile, darlin'

I've been thinking about happiness, lately... and also other things because my brain is a great multi-tasker.


Lillian said...

I love that quote!

I also like Quiet Company, too bad I don't have any of their music. Hmmm I should remedy that.

The Magnificent Lou said...

Hi! For some reason, my blog wouldn't let me respond to the comment you wrote on one of my posts, so I'm answering your question here. Yes, I love Mumford & Sons...though I will admit, I'm a bandwagon fan. I didn't even hear them until I saw them @ Memphis in May. They're gold.

Brilliant quote from C.S. Lewis.

Janette said...

I haven't heard this quote before... It's lovely! Hope you're doing swell girl! You deserve it!

Janette the Jongleur