Saturday, May 5, 2012

rocket summer

So there's this artist... Bryce Avary. He writes and produces and plays every song on his albums. It's like Reliant K, Ben Folds, Michael Jackson, and Bradley Hathaway had a weird encounter and they had a peculiar but awesome baby.

My favorite band is Mumford & Sons. Muse and Keane are my longest loves, and I really love music along the lines of Band of Horses, Radical Face, Vampire Weekend... Fleet Foxes, The Killers, The Kooks, Maroon 5, Modest Mouse, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, OK Go!, Temper Trap, etc. I could go on FOREVER, because I have music for every emotion.

I'm usually pretty picky with the voices of the singers I listen to. I don't really like the whiny voices... but I also am not a huge fan of the really drawn out voices. (knowwhatimean?) But the most important thing to me are is the LYRICS. I'm a musician, so of course the mechanics of the music is essential-- I mean, I have to feel it... BUT, the lyrics play a huge, huge role in my affections.

So back to the Rocket Summer. His voice is a little strange... And his lyrics jump from super random to taking a poky stick to my heart and playing STABSTABSTAB with it.... and then back to an odd variation of simplicity.

I don't know what he does, but I've loved this music since I was 15 and it has continued to be my go-to playlist. It doesn't matter what mood I'm in... this will give me my fix of anything.

He's optimistic, he's authentic, he's blunt.... he's just amazing. I wish that I could meet him.

Hills and Valleys by The Rocket Summer on Grooveshark

 I wouldn't know,
Just how sweet this tastes now,
No, if at first I did not go,
Through bitter times, Through bitter places,
I stay alert for new battles
But for now, we're here.

Say you're with me,
There's gold ahead, there's golden dreams
In life's hills and valleys,
Yeah will you hold on with me.

Colors by The Rocket Summer on Grooveshark

The rest is right, the rest is wrong.
The rest will come when it comes along.
The rest will find us, we belong here.

Japanese Exchange Student by The Rocket Summer on Grooveshark

So, hey, be nice to the Japanese exchange students,
Cause' people wouldn't know them, right when they show up,
And they have found yourself in a similar place
Where you found you looked around and just saw loads of empty space.
And you were thinking how you don't know them,
like they don't know you.
It's a lonely feeling after all that you do.
Got a good heart, got a good soul, what must I do to prove it anymore?
I got friends in high and low places,
and it's all the same to me.

I love the Japanese, I love the Japanese,
those from Japan and overseas.
I love the Japanese, do you love the Japanese?
Those from Japan and overseas,
Those from Japan and overseas, like me.

It's desert dry, but I will-
Wait a second I see words that you promised me.
Seeking diligently, bring the rain, bring the rain.
I will wait, wait, I will wait for you.
This is a refuge, this is hope.
This is a refuge, this is love.
Forget lies that lead you away from home, because this is a refuge, this is love
 I don't wanna look back on all my years
Recollecting the mistakes that then will be clear
About how I ran and chased a place my whole life
Then come aware that I was there
I was there.

I Want Something To Live For by The Rocket Summer on Grooveshark

"Hey, How's it going?"
"Good, and how are you?"
Do you ever wonder how much that isn't true?
Will you help me out if you can?
I'll take you as you are,
Please just take me as I am.

Stop fearing death,
I want something to live for.
I've been holding my breath,
I want something to live for.
Because when the deaf feel the sound,
I want something to live for.
I want to make you proud,
I want something to live for.


Brissa said...

liz, i think we might be soulmates. I LOVE BRYCE AVARY.
i can't even begin to tell you how addicted my friends and i were in high school. we dubbed ourselves the brat pack. i met him once. well, like three times. i caught the drumstick, he handed me a signed pick. it was heaven. i'm so happy to know there is someone else outside of my friends that loves him as much as i do. really, so much. ahhhhh. it's just his words. he makes normal things so great.

and yes, "real life" apartment shopping is frustrating. college apartments do NOT prepare you for the real thing. if you ever want to vent/need to be talked out of murdering an apartment, just email me. {}

sorry for leaving you a novel.....

amyschmamey said...

I love your love for music. I will listen to this later, I am supposed to be doing math. I'm frustrated with it, so I'm giving it the silent treatment.

Shaylynn... I blahwg n' stuff. said...

I think we would be excellent road trip companions. EXCELLENT

suzy said...

mm, love him. i walked down the aisle to the instrumental part of christmas present. it was PERFECT.