Friday, June 1, 2012


Things I had to share:

This is so adorable. I've watched it too many times to admit.

When I have my headphones in.. suddenly everything I do plays out like a music video. Even if it's super boring. Because it's awesome.

Did you love it?

A super good friend of mine.. and Anthony's best man, has started a catering business! They're licensed and insured and everything, so this is legit stuff. If you're in Missouri/Springfield area, this is totally an option for you. Seth has cooked for me millions (almost) of times and he is AMAZING. He's super professional, too. Seriously- if I was still in Springfield, or if he wasn't already playing a huge part in my wedding, he'd be the one catering. Seriously. Seriously. Check out their Facebook and website!

[The Catering EJ is about to start its summer bbq series June 1-September 1. We will be catering private events and get-togethers of 10 or more on location for a set per-person price. Going to a bbq restaurant can be expensive and impersonal. Why not pay the same or less to have us come bbq for you in your own backyard or personal location? Impress your friends, family and co-workers by having your next bbq professionally catered!! Just give us a call and well work out all the details. See you this summer!]

You won't be disappointed. I wouldn't recommend him if I didn't trust him to do an incredible job. Which I totally do.


And this is a cute music video. I love it because she's cooking through the whole thing. I mean, if I was going to post a music video, the only way I'd be able to pull it off would be by taping myself baking. Because otherwise I wouldn't know what to do with my hands. Or feet. Or face. The only downside is that I have that "stuck like glue" song stuck in my head, which I HATE.


I posted this mostly because of Ron Swanson and Paula Deen.




Mariel Mohns said...

I kept seeing that video posted everywhere, but this was the first time I actually WATCHED it. ohmytears. So freakin' adorable!

Haha, the last 3 heart anatomies are pure gold :)

Brissa said...

that is the best anatomy lesson i've ever seen. EVER.

Brissa said...

also, that video made me cry happy tears.

chantilly said...

it was the first time i watched the video too, even though i've seen it in a million places... oh my goodness!! sooooooo sweet.

Lillian said...

I want to let you know that I am nominating you for the "Liebster Blog Award" on my blog today. Check it out =>