Thursday, November 25, 2010

I am not Eleanor Rigby

For some reason, this song has been playing in my head for the last week, or so.  Sunday's sermon seemed to parallel with it, so perhaps it means something. We are not meant to be alone! The Bible says to be in fellowship. "As iron sharpens iron," friction is not for disunity; rather, to fit better together. My closest friendships are challenging, as they challenge me to be better.  My family does not let me settle, and my friends do not let me wallow.  I am speaking, of course, specifically to my latest situation, if you catch my drift.
Okay, that being said, listen to this song!

So, on the thought of community... and being a part of a community.... Happy Thanksgiving!
My wonderful family drove from San Antonio to have Thanksgiving in my one bedroom apartment!! They are crazy, but I am so, so grateful to have family around.

Within seconds of my brothers arriving, my once clean apartment is covered with stuff!

Que cute! Pickin' out a movie to watch last night.. They settled on approximately 13 episodes of House.

He pretends he doesn't like having his picture taken.

He doesn't pretend that he doesn't like having his picture taken.

Adorable! My lil baby brother.

Icy Thanksgiving!

I made spiced cider... Delicious!

My sweet family.

Engrossed in Pirates 3 while mom and I made dinner!

It's weird watching her cook in my kitchen.

Cute little mommy.

Dad's painting! It turned out really well.. I ought to take a picture.

How sweet! I caught the perfect moment.

He's actually a really good piano player, and as of today, guitar player!

Enough drinks?!

Sparkling cider is my favorite!

My coffee table is a little small for a full dinner.

He insisted on opening it for the "pop."

Mom packed the china in a roasting pan! Ridiculous. Paper plates would have sufficed.

He got the mini "wine glass."



Green bean casserole is my absolute favorite part!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Cheers, my friends.

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