Sunday, December 19, 2010

And what does the employee of the month do, you might ask??

Well, as your very own employee of the month, I'd like to share with y'all what I do as a part of the Activity Department at a nursing home.

< Please pardon the quality of the pictures. I'm not a photographer, and I usually only take pictures on my phone. >

I am in charge of the evening activities, and as one of our more recent endeavors, we made candy cane cookies!! Thank you, Aunt Linda, for this Christmas tradition.

If you decide to make these, try buying the peppermints that are already unwrapped. This got tedious.

CRUSHCRUSHCRUSH! Warning: most people in a nursing home don't like listening to you hammer a bag full of hard candy... :/

This takes lots and LOTS of red food coloring...

Aren't they cute?!?! We had so much fun. 
The whole process is pretty self explanatory... I usually make the sugar cookie dough from scratch, but at the nursing home it's a bit easier to buy the packages that only require water. (Haha)

We've been doing a lot of crafts, lately for the Christmas season.

A snowman coaster! I love it.

Snowman jingle bell ornament


'Lil penguin!

Clothespin reindeer

Penguin bucket

Snowflake tree

Button wreath (TERRIBLE lighting and camera.. :/)

Anyway, I figured that it might be interesting to share a bit about what I do at work all day. I absolutely love my job; I work for the greatest elderly people in the universe. 

Quote of the week: (while teaching my evening crowd how to play "Fact or Crap") 
Is this fact or crap: It is illegal for people to carry ice cream cones in their pockets in Kentucky.
[insert incredulous looks from around the table]
They all selected "crap."
Surprisingly, this was actually a fact.
M: "Well, I'm going to go to Kentucky and put ice cream in my pocket. And then I'm gonna shove it in their nose."

Cheers. :)


Katie said...

Those Christmas crafts are adorable. And the candy cane cookies? Genius idea! Your quote of the week is awesome, gave me a right giggle.

Lizard said...

Thank you! I'm glad to know that someone else found it funny. :)

Miss Wendy said...

I love that you have such an awesome job!! It's also great that you love it so much, that makes life so much easier to deal with :)

Lizard said...

Oh, most definitely! I am blessed, indeed.