Friday, December 31, 2010

Time Won't Let Me Go

A lot of people are recapping the previous year, but for me, I really do not care to look back. A lot of personal decline occurred during 2010, along with a lot of deceit and broken promises. I will not allow these events to define who I am becoming. It's just a year, and I hopefully have many more in front of me!

"If I could do it all again,

I'd go back and change everything.
But time won't let me go."

I would like to highlight, quickly, some good things from the previous year, so as not to lose perspective.
- Elena, and later, Cameron, have provided the friendship that I desperately needed.
- My family has proven their love for me over, and over, and over again.
- I think I may have learned some of what it means to forgive myself and others.

I do want to semi-publicly mention some goals that I have for the upcoming year. Although I think it's silly that people feel like this day is the day to change things, since we should always be watching for ways to improve, it is a nice solid day to start. After all, it is a new year.

Okay, here it goes.

My top priority is health. Physical health, emotional health, spiritual health, etc. 
     Physical health: I just bought the iPhone and downloaded the "MyFitnessPal" app that will help me choose foods that are high in protein and iron (both of which my body does not have enough of). I also would like to lose some weight, since I think that I will feel physically better if I shed a few pounds. I'll probably look better, too.. Ha. I also have a gym membership, and with my new school schedule, it's going to be a real chore trying to fit it in. But I am going to go. I'm also going to try and cook more. I live by myself, so this is another thing that will be difficult. But I'll just have to eat the same thing for a week, lol.
     Emotional health: I am going to spend time with people that I care about. For instance, I need to budget my money especially well this semester if I plan to fly to Wyoming for spring break. This is something that I want, and something that I probably need, so I need to make it happen. I'm going to spend time with Anthony, because he is a good person. And he is funny. Laughter is very, very important for emotional health. I'm going to keep up what I'm doing at work, because my job is especially good for me. 
     Spiritual health: I am a Christian. Sometimes the concept of "religion" or "church" bothers me, so I stopped going for a while. (honesty...) I attend Hope Community Church and I am going to make a true effort to go when I can. This means not sleeping past the service time, etc. I also want to get involved, somehow, whether it be in the young adult class, or perhaps getting involved with the youth group. But I am going to surround myself with people that know love. And by love, I mean the love. I'll probably blog about "love" at a later date. I even have a tattoo to prove my dedication to love! (Haha.)

My next priority is love
I want to show love to people in every way that I can. I want to be a better friend and daughter/sister/cousin/niece/blahblahblah. I can be better! I don't think I'm bad at this, necessarily, but I don't want to simply stop at "okay." 
I don't want to gossip anymore. Especially at work. This is going to be hard!! 
I need to show respect to authority in a more visible manner, and I want to be someone who is respected. 

My (probably not) last priority is stability
I need to keep on a schedule that has room for flexibility... I sound like my dad: "Plan to be spontaneous!"
I want to keep my apartment consistently clean, so that if I have people over it is not dependent on the cleanliness of my home. It will also help me not to procrastinate with studying, since I seem to get on a cleaning streak whenever I have schoolwork to do. 
I want to plan better for studying, because in all honesty, I did not do very well last semester.
With my first priority of health, I think the emotional stability will come with time. 

Okay, and maybe for fun, I'd like to make a point to do things I enjoy...
Like, read!!! I love to read! And I don't do it enough. I'm going to make this an "easy" goal, since I do have a lot of reading associated with school. I am going to read (at least) one book a month, for FUN. 
I'm also really liking a lot of new indie music, and I want to discover (at least) one new artist a month, but not necessarily confined to indie artists.

So, I think that hits the main points. I will take my vitamins, go to the gym, love, clean and read. The end.


Gwiddle said...

I absolutely love that song by the Bravery! I hope that 2011 brings proves itself to be better than 2010 for you! Sorry 2010 was not the best of times for you. Good luck on achieving all of your fantastic goals, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Lizard said...

Thank you; Happy New Year!!!