Wednesday, December 29, 2010

We are family; get up ev'rybody and sing.

WARNING: loooooong post

It is so very good to be home. I have slept more in the last three days than I had the last week that I was in Springfield. It's been a full house ever since I arrived Christmas Eve.  

Yes, ugly face. But I was so excited to get owl earrings from my little bro and sis!

So, Christmas day, we had lunch at my grandparents place at Franklin Park, a super nice retirement home. There were ten of us, and the food/company was delicious. I'm not used to eating out on Christmas, but I think that the circumstances made this pretty special.

The spread was great. He clearly enjoyed it.

Megans, "You're looking at me face."

I just liked the art in the place. :)

My daddy-o playin' the piano. Love it.

That night we played Scattergories. Oh my, it was hilarious to play with this guy. 
[The letter was "I," and the category was "Heroes." 
Evan explaining his answer: "I. I put the letter I. Because I am my own hero."]
[The letter was "I," and the category was "Things people gossip about."
Chris: "Italy."]
[The letter was "M," and the category was "Things that are bright."
Chris: "Mary Poppins. She's not pretty. But she's bright."]
There was too much hilarity to write down. I haven't laughed this hard in ages. 

Evan and his girlfriend, Amber-Lynn. Cute, eh?

Now, for a bit on dad's humor. His entire side of the family is punny. I think I have environmentally inherited the this. Anyway, I am constantly laughing around here. These pictures don't necessarily demonstrate "puns," but this is my dad.

Gretschyn update via photos:

Gretsch-o and me sleepin' :)

So, we're finally up to today. We had our portraits made this morning, and I hate getting my picture made. This is sort of irrelevant, but the shoot was kinda a bust. Anyway, after the fact, I bought the sibs Icees.

And then we tried on hats.

The biggest item in the clothing department was SWIMWEAR. What the heck. Just thought I should draw attention to the difference in Targets in Missouri and Texas.

Cousin Lisa and Megan made this Chocolate Avocado Cake (vegan) for all of us to eat after dinner tonight. It was... interesting. I think I would eat it again? Happy birthday to Lisa, in two days!
If you are daring, here is where my cousin and sister found it: Joy the Baker

There will be more to come, since lots of family means lots of pictures... especially when there's a new baby!!!

Cheers, and thanks for suffering through this insanely long post. :)

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