Friday, December 24, 2010

From Springfield, to Dallas, to Austin, to San Antonio

Wow. What a day. Anthony picked me up for breakfast today and we had a grand time, as usual. Last night he gave me this awesome glass container thing full of York mint patties. If you've read my previous posts, you will understand why this is the greatest gift. Minty goodness is always my first choice.
Wrapped in paper in the middle of the mint chocolate was this adorable wooden owl. It was the perfect gift, for sure. I absolutely adore it. The picture isn't the greatest... again, it was taken on my phone. But isn't it cute?!!?

Anyway, I flew out of Springfield and headed to Dallas. I was on the very full flight to Austin when I realized that I had left my ipod and headphones on the previous plane. BLEERRRGGGG! I even thought of the stupid people who do things like that while on the plane and then I became one of them. Karma, much? Haha.

Fortunately, my mom got a hold of the airline and they tracked it down in Louisville, Kentucky, and they're gonna FedEx it to me next week. (Yaahoooo!)

Okay, so dog update: My parents came at Thanksgiving and rescued my dog, since I had to suddenly move (longLONG story) and my new place doesn't allow pets. I was devastated, but she is so happy living with my family! So, this is Gretschyn, and she looks rather regal in this picture. Again, these pictures are iffy, but until I find the charger for my camera, this will have to do.
I walked in the door this afternoon, and she attacked me. It was an awesome feeling. Haha :)

This is Clover. I had mouth surgery a few years ago, and when I was drugged up I convinced my mom that we needed a dog. So, with a swollen face, I picked this adorable puppy out from the pound. She was uber mad when my parents brought Gretsch home, but I think she's warmed up to her a bit...
(Look at that FACE!)

They fight. It's adorable.

We went to the Christmas Eve service at my old church, and it was alright. They did a nativity scene made up of a bunch of cute kids, so that was fun. At the end of the service, they had everyone break their glow sticks that were handed out at the beginning of the service to symbolize going out into the world with the "light." As cliche as it was, it gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling. ;)

This is a picture of my youngest brother hanging his glow stick on the Christmas tree by the parking lot at the church. It was a nice idea, I think.

We came home and had a lovely dinner. I haven't eaten like this in a LONG time, especially since I eat alone, most of the time. I've become accustomed to tv dinners and the like.
I haven't seen my sister in a year, so it was especially nice to have everyone together.

Finally, I wanted to share with you all a card I got from a resident on my last day before my vacation. It made me tear up a bit, and it reminded me of why Christmas is such a special time. I hope that everyone knows how much they mean to me, even if I didn't take the time to mail out cards. The little things do matter, and I am so blessed to work "for" people who make me feel like I'm doing something worthwhile, no matter how small it is.

"Dear Liz I'm sorry your card got lost. But I gave out so many today. But I want to let you know how much I love you. The times you would get me up to go to things I would have missed. I want to thank you so much for taking care of me. And you came visit my life when I needed some one that one time when you found me crying and hurting so bad and left out when Ryder was born. So thanks again. Have a wonderful time with your family and I will be thinking of you. Love always, M."
Again, I only mean this as an encouragement to everyone. I get down in a slump and think that my life has no meaning, at times, and when I receive things like this, it gives me a sense of purpose. I want to share that with everyone... We are all have a purpose! Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Anyway, I'm sorry if this long and involved post was a little over the top for the eve of Christmas, but I have had a spectacular day.

Merry Christmas, all.

Cheers :)


Gwiddle said...

What an awesome present, that owl is seriously adorable! I can't even imagine how hard it would be to have to leave my dogs at my parents. I don't think I could ever do it, they are my children! Cute dogs though:) And MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I Hope it is a good one.

Lizard said...

Thank you! I know, I love the owl!!
Merry Christmas to you, as well :)
Thanks for the comment!