Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bubble Wrap and Cognitive Misers

1.  Look at my layout! Amy is amazing!
2.  Look at my new "About Me" section! I had a writing assignment for an English class several years ago that I tweaked a little this afternoon for another writing assignment for a psychology class. It seems fitting for this section of my blog. It's a little silly, but there's some serious aspects to it, as well.
3.  I ran/walked a mile and a half this afternoon and my arse was officially kicked. I ran a mile of it, but I had to take some breaks and walk throughout it, which I'm guessing added up to a little less than half of a mile. For being in the middle of the afternoon after having gone to work, I think I did decently. But it still kicked my behind pretty royally.
4.  I've learned lots of interesting things from taking the many psychology classes required for my degree, and I am going to be exceptionally nice and share two of these lessons with you.

"First, the use of bubble wrap for stress relief is 100% natural and organic as it does not involve any real use of drugs unless you pursue the bubble popping to a point of requiring ibuprofen for soreness of your popping fingers! The use of bubble wrap for stress relief does not require visits to a gym or guru. The continued popping noise and the feeling that it generates naturally reduces your stress and soon you will realize that nothing else matters but the rhythmic popping of the bubbles in front of you."
If you want to read the whole article, go here!

Thank you, Abnormal Psychology. (Our professor handed out bubble wrap before finals week. Brilliant!)

Today, I learned about being a "cognitive miser." Basically, our brains can't handle all of the information coming at it, so the brain takes shortcuts to eliminate "unnecessary" information. Anyway, as crazy as this video is... it's true! Here's a link to another, equally awesome video that I couldn't post for some reason. (Note to self: don't text and drive!)

5.  My assignment for next week is to do something against the "norm" of our society. Any suggestions? My good friend Josh just posted this video, and I just about peed myself. As funny as it is, I probably would hate to be on the receiving end of it... and I'm definitely not comfortable enough to do something that against social norms.



amyschmamey said...

Ok. You are hilarious! ha ha ha. That last video had me ROLLING! So funny. Oh my gosh. That IS socially abnormal. So creepy and funny. ha ha ha. I don't have any ideas for you though. Maybe write little notes that make no sense and give them to random people. ??? ha ha ha. So funny.

BTW, I like the little additions that you made above what I did. VERY cute!

Lauren said...

Whoa. Mind is blown by the first video.

And your layout is real purty!

Gwiddle said...

I love what Amy did, awesome layout!! Go you running a mile! I can hardly run a lap, hahahah.

Heather said...

OH my word. that video at target is probably the funniest thing i've seen in a loooooong time....hahahaha after last night and then that text website and this video.... i might have abs!! haha i love your sense of humor, liz. haha and i love psychology classes more than i probably should. i'm with you on that!!!

yes, i'm blog-stalking again. enjoy.