Monday, January 10, 2011

I've got snow up my nose and a harp on my back.

Really, I do. Or rather, I did.
Happy winter!
I missed the snow over Christmas, so despite my initial irritation with the snowfall on the first day of classes, it was kinda nice. 

Right outside of my door is this bush-like thing. It actually looked pretty today. 

Then I went out to my car, and I noticed the leaves. Something about having a decent camera on this phone is making me notice things more, and I think it's a good thing. I get a little happy every time I see something worth taking a picture of.

I went to my evening class after a two-hour break, and the trees looked like this:

It was still kinda exciting to be walking around in the snow on campus, since the sidewalks were close to vacant. That's a rare occurrence, but I guess since it's at night there are less people. (It also meant that I wouldn't get any weird looks for freezing my bum off trying to take a picture with gloves on.)

When I got back to my car and realized that I didn't have an ice-scraper, I was more irritated with the weather than I was pleased. 

Anyway, my first class of the day was Music for Healing. The topic can be controversial, but the essence of the class is to study the emotional/physical/etc. connection that people have to music and how we can channel that connection in a positive way to possibly allow for healing, whether it be spiritual, emotional, or other. I'm really excited about it, since I love music, anyway, but also because it'll give me a chance to branch out a little bit, learn a new clef, and play for people on hospice. This is right up my alley. Yay!

I got out of class this evening and tuned the harp. Just so you know, it's much more difficult than tuning a violin. Hands down. Anyway, I messed around with it for a little while and kinda learned how to play a very simple version of "Amazing Grace." I just played by ear, but hopefully it's the same general concept for class, so that I'm not screwing myself over in advance.. Haha.

Oh, and last night I painted this picture frame thing that I got at work. All of the edges were smashed-ish and the paint was chipping. (It's a fairly typical black frame from Walmart, I think.) They were just going to throw it away, but I thought that maybe I could do something with it-- so, I painted it! I like it, I think.

Okay, it's been a good day. I am happy for the new beginning that the semester is sure to bring. 



Lillian said...

The harp sounded beautiful. I have always loved the sound of the harp. I've watched people play and realized it isn't just a matter of plucking some strings, there's a lot to it.

I'm never a fan of snow unless I get to sit in front of a roaring fire (in a contained area like a fireplace =>), a cup of hot chocolate and absolutely NOWHERE to go. But once I have to get out in it, I want it gone.

Where are you going to school? The pictures look familiar but I can't be sure I'm placing them right.

Gwiddle said...

I love all of these pictures! That bush with the red berries looks cool! We have SO much snow in utah right now, it is so frreeezzzing! i am ready for the cold to be over! I hate when I don't have an icescraper and I have to use a cd or something else, and then of course I have no gloves either so I freeze my hands off!!! I hope you stay warm:)

Lizard said...

Lillian, thanks!! I'm so very excited to learn it. And I go to MSU :)

Haha, I've never thought of using a cd!! I've always used my hands it hurt like nobody's business. But I just bought an ice-scraper, so I should be good!