Friday, February 4, 2011

Ah yes, an edit.

Quickly, I'd like to make a note.

Regarding my previous post, when I am discussing "the chaos theory" I am not implying that there is not a God in control of seemingly chaotic events.

There seems to be some dispute. [not necessarily publicly on this blog]

I perceive things in a certain way, much like you perceive things in a certain way. A lot of times there appears to be a lack of order to our existence/universe.

But I am not implying that there is a literal lack of order.

I am a worrier. I like having control over things. I want to have control over things I can't possibly have control over; therefore, acknowledging that things are, in fact, out of my control, allows me some room to breathe. Relax, Liz, you're not in control.

I felt that this needed to be said. I do not wish to offend anyone via my postings.



la petite lydia said...

In no way was I offended. I love the fact that you came from a different perspective. I've definitely caused some controversy because I've said that Darwinism has its merits. People don't seem to like when you have a different opinion.

I loved your post.

Lillian said...

I hope my comment didn't make you think I was in disagreement with you. I meant what I said, it made me think, I like things that make me think. (Even in my advanced age, it is always a good thing to be willing to look at things from a different point of view). I appreciated the post. And I appreciate your clarification here. I'm sorry if I contributed to the "dispute" and I'm sorry that some people may have been offended. I wasn't offended, (goodness knows I've done my share of offending).

Keep posting your questions and your heart! I like reading your take.

Lillian said...

Ha, I'm the same way. And I do forget to check back on the blogs I comment on to see if they said anything to me. => Thanks for answering me.

Sometimes when we are wrestling with things, by blogging about them we get others input and it clarifies our thoughts (sometimes it may make things more confusing aaaaarrrrggggg!!)