Monday, February 14, 2011

Baking Therapy

There's always been something about baking. As a kid, I made tons of desserts for my family. (I even made a lemon meringue pie from scratch for my history teacher when I was in seventh grade. Kids thought I was sucking up, but frankly, I just liked to bake.)
Anyway, baking is soothing to me. Perhaps it's the idea that a combination of ingredients create something delicious, or maybe it's the fact that I love sweets. Who knows! (haha) 
But I don't bake for myself. I don't really see the point in that; so, I bake for other people. It's way more fun that way. 

Last night, I baked cookies with my evening crowd at the nursing home, and we decorated four dozen cookies for Valentine's Day. I had a ton of fun-- I just hope that they did, too. We made enough to eat our weight in cookies, but we handed the rest out to the employees. 

My pantry has been overloaded with stuff to bake cupcakes with, so around 9:30 tonight, I decided to start baking. It's convenient timing, anyway, considering that tomorrow is Valentine's Day. (perfect!)
I made 8 dozen cupcakes!

It was awesome. I made carrot, vanilla, chocolate and lemon cupcakes. I did this by myself, listening to music. It was super therapeutic. 
I smell like a cupcake, and my house smells like... a lot of cupcakes.

I took a plate full of cupcakes to McDonald's for a friend and his coworkers that were working till two o'clock this morning.  He seemed to enjoy them. Maybe I'll start making a habit of baking and delivering. It was fun!

I then made a delivery to a new friend that lives down the street from me. Hopefully he enjoys them.

Tomorrow, I'm taking some to class and to a few friends. Maybe I'll even stop by work. Who knows. 

Anyway, I've got several posts in the making-- I am just trying to get my thoughts together. I'm also waiting for Anthony to send me his pictures/video from the AMAZING concert on Friday. He is very slow. 

Have a great Valentine's Day, everyone! Cheers. 


la petite lydia said...

I love to bake too. I love baking pies. They are fun to make and then, of course, delicious. LOVE.

Ps. I want a cupcake!

amyschmamey said...

Baking is fun. Your cupcakes look deliscious. TWSS. The carrot Cake and Lemon ones look the most appealing to me! And those cookies. YUM... I like sweets too. Obviously. i want waffles for dinner tonight! ha. Looking forward to hanging out for a bit. Anthony told me he is down for it. So cool! Can't wait!

Delirium said...

Okay, those cupcakes look AMAZING. I wish I could come hang out! I actually have never enjoyed baking OR cooking. I've been trying to get into it ever since I had a baby, but it just doesn't come natural to me. I was never raised to cook, and my parents rarely cooked/baked either. Hopefully I will be able to master a few things so I can teach Asia over time. :)

Happy Valentines Day Liz!

Amanda said...

People ALWAYS enjoy a cupcake made with LOVE... that is the truth! You should see the army of confections I have for every holiday or design!

Gwiddle said...

Looks so delicious:) I wish my house smelled like cupcakes right now. I can't even believe you made 8 dozen cupcakes! I love you so much for that. Will you be my girl Valentine?? haha. Happy Valentines Day!!!!

Janette said...

WHATT?!!!!!? How does one person make 8 dozen cupcakes?!!! I'm contacting the Guinness Book of World Records officials...You go girly!
The yellow ones are my favorite.. Anything yellow is my favorite...No wait... I retract that last statement...

Janette, the Jongleur

PS. I'm still planning on emailing you about your work..Have a couple of general questions to ask. Thanks in advance!