Friday, February 11, 2011

Stream of consciousness, hair, Valentine's Day and cupcakes

I dye my hair A LOT. It all started right after I graduated from high school and my sister dyed my hair a purplish/maroon/red color. Ever since then, I've been addicted. I'm especially partial to shades of red. I have found that I change my hair at different stages of my life; although, I don't know if it's because of the stage, or because I just love an excuse to change things up. 
Anyway, tonight I dyed my hair. It was a failure. Notice how the two (before and after) photos are incredibly similar. It was supposed to be drastic. FAIL, FAIL, FAIL.
I am going to have to give up and find a professional to do something about this.

My next hair color is going to be this (or this): 

                                                                    (found here & here)
Or maybe it won't be any of those. I never really know until I tell the hair stylist to whatever they want. I'm not too terribly picky with my hair.


We made these cute little ladybug picture frames for our Valentine's Day craft at work tonight. 

I made these little bears for the ladies, since using a hot glue gun was necessary.

This photo is incredibly embarrassing, but I told the ladies that I would post it. The quality of the picture is terrible, but I'd like to see you try and keep massive plastic eyes on your face without jiggling the camera.

Tomorrow is our party at work for the residents. I'm so excited! I love holidays. I also love old people. Win, win!

Being single, I'm not thrilled about this upcoming holiday; however, I have at least one friend coming over on Monday. I have stuff to make cupcakes. I am thrilled. Anyway, my mother is a dear and sent me a beautiful Valentine's Day care package!

Contents include: a heart dish towel, heart socks, poppyseed cake, pumpkin bread, York mints, molasses cookies and popcorn. AMAZING. My mom is the greatest.

She also included some pictures from Christmas that we got done at Wal-Mart. I'm not thrilled about them, but they are decent. This was also before I started my diet, so I can actually notice a difference! It's a small one, but hey, it's something!


Finally, I adore cupcakes. 

This particularly glorious cupcake has been brought to you by my friend and co-worker, Merissa. She is an incredible baker. This cupcake did a dance in my mouth and I liked it. 
Here is the recipe:

Cinnamon Sugar Cupcakes:
1 box white cake mix- "I make this like the box says and add 1 t cinnamon and bake."
1 pkg cream cheese- room temperature
1 stick unsalted butter- room temperature
3 cups powdered sugar
1 t vanilla
2 t cinnamon

Blend cream cheese and butter until smooth- add vanilla and cinnamon and mix well. Slowly add powdered sugar until desired sweetness and consistency!

Thank you, Merissa. You made my night so much more enjoyable. 


That was a huge post.
Thanks for sticking with me.

I am going to St. Louis tomorrow with Anthony to see Interpol. I AM SO EXCITED. The band is good; Anthony is awesome. I will probably not be back to post anymore until Sunday, hence the lengthy post.

Cheers, friends!


Gwiddle said...

I am the same way with my hair! I need to dye mine very badly right now. I think I am going to go for a dark violet color or something. When you were saying you something about the upcoming holiday I was like is this a missed Christmas post? Did I click on the wrong link?? My brain is fried, duh it's Valentines. I have a "Valentine" but I doubt we will do anything exciting. Your mom is so sweet, I love getting care packages! And that picture of you with the googly eyes made me almost pee my pants. I can only imagine the seniors getting a kick out of it:) I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and may I say I am SO jealous you get to go see interpol? Seriously, so jealous.

la petite lydia said...

I am the same way with my hair. It was dark dark brown for the longest time though which was weird. But I went through a phase where my hair changed every other month or so. I actually have a blog post illustrating some of the styles and colors:

That Valentine's gift box from your mom is so sweet! :)

Delirium said...

Red looks amazing on you! I have been dying my hair since 8th grade and honestly have no idea what the natural color is anymore. Once upon a time it was blond... but that was like 10+ years ago.

(I keep finding myself going through to fix grammar mistakes when I write you comments. Hahah.)

I never really get excited about Valentines Day, somehow I always end up single on this holiday. Ah, well. That was seriously sweet of your mom!

Hezzarati said...

I think the before picture looked really good, maybe it was just how you were "posed" for it. Hope all is going well with you. Enjoy your trip!

Janna Lynn said...

I think your recent red looks superb! I love it! I have dyed my hair toooo much...this last time of getting the blue out killed it! Going from Blue to red seemed like a good idea. Doh! Oh well, I am liking the brown for now! I am all nervous now because I make tons of grammatical errors :( and I don't want to upset you. Hearts, Janna Lynn

Janette said...

I wish I could do that kind of red..but I fear I'm a bit wee too dark for it... Looks lovely on you though!
Have a great weekend Liz!

Lillian said...

I love the red hair! My natural color is medium brown, but between perms for years and coloring it, only me and my hair dresser know my natural color. LOL. I love the purple that looks dark until I get into bright or direct light and then people see the purple. I love the reaction I get from people.

Your picture with the plastic eyes is hilarious and really made me giggle! I love that your mama sent you a Valentines care package. And I love, love, love that recipe. I'm gonna have to try it. Provided I remember that I want to make them!

Lillian said...

BTW the devotional I talked about in my blog...I won't be doing it right away but I'm glad to know that you're interested. I'll keep you posted (hahahaha no pun intended). ♥

Anonymous said...

I actually love the colour your hair turned out <3

Mandy said...

I love the color of red in all of your hair color options. I've been trying to get to something really bright myself, and, like you, am thinking I need to get it done by someone who knows what they're doing, haha.