Tuesday, March 8, 2011

There is too much "awesome" for me to keep to myself

Yes, this is a post FULL of videos. 
They are very funny. You will love them.
Okay, I love my MacBook and my iPhone... but this is too good.
(Check out theawesomer.com. You will laugh so hard. As Anthony said, you will watch something and be like, "That's so awesome." It's true.)

I love this movie! And I do love to laugh. 
Anthony sent me a text yesterday that read, "I never saw you get giggly before you started being around them. It makes me happy."
It's true! I lost my laughs for a while, but they're BAAACCCKKK!! I'm a giggler, I admit.

Heather introduced me to these two videos. Oh my gracious I laughed so hard. I'm not perfect when it comes to grammar/spelling/vocabulary/whatever, but sometimes I think like this guy does, and it makes me happy when I know other people are like me.

This next one is just funny.

And now, for some awesome quotes that I've picked up in the last few days:

"Women sit or move to and fro, some old, some young.
The young are beautiful--but the old are more beautiful than the young."

--Walt Whitman

(thanks, Heather)

"When you pick up a book and read a thousand lines, but you don't really read,you just move your eyes."
-- The Rocket Summer
(Okay, just think about it. We all do this... He's brilliant!!)

"If I was going to marry someone based on the smell of their bathroom, I'd propose to you right now."
-- Cameron
(I'm so flattered.)

Talking about side bangs:
D: There are people here with hair here and here. It looks ridiculous. (pointing to the sides of her face where bangs would be.) There are people on TV with hair like that.
Me: Well, it's the style...
D: Well it's silly.
Me: I don't have my hair that way...
D: Well it's a good thing, because if you did, I would cut it off. It's unsanitary.

Talking about dating Christians, as she is trying to set me up with her second cousin:
D: Would a psychiatrist be a Christian? Probably not-- not with all that they know.

I looked cross-eyed at her:
D: Don't look at me with your eyes crossed.
Me: crosses eyes
D: Stop that! Your eyes are going to get stuck that way, and then what will you do?
Me: You'd still love me.
D: No, I wouldn't. I don't like cross-eyed people.

Talking about painting nails:
D: Your nails look good!
Me: Thanks!!
D: ... for a change.

I gave this little lady a hug at dinner:
P: Would you like something hard?
(every lady at the table starts laughing)
(I turned really red)
(she turned really red)
(she hands me an almond that she couldn't chew because of her dentures)

My life is a constant joke. I love it.

This is also awesome:

(Creative Shadow: by Sawbutter Reddit Top News)

I hope you guys laughed, at least a little. Laughing is so good for you!!

Cheers ;)


amyschmamey said...

I laughed. I also realize that I say a lit of things incorrectly. I wouldn't even know how to begin to correct it all.

kenzie said...

ohmygosh i love those grammar videos. i had to post them on facebook. seriously. so great. and SO true.

Janette said...

Side bangs are unsanitary????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HILARIOUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Love those realtime, real life quotes... People are funny!

Janna Lynn said...

I don't know how to speak. :( But that sure was funny! I loved listening to those! Ha ha! Hearts, Janna Lynn

Brianne said...

Wow. The grammar videos? Those are entirely hilarious. xD *laughter*

And whoa! The shadow photograph is incredible!

What an awesome post. Thanks for visiting me, too!


Breeanna @ a brilliant melody said...

Thanks for the laughter. I haven't watched Marry Poppins in years! I need to. Awesome shadow with the blocks. Thanks for sharing :)

chloe.anne said...

lol..... hilarious!. i love the shadow.. that's super impressive!. Thanks for entering my first giveaway.. you'll probly win your the only one so far.. hehe :P

Katie said...

hahah this first video is amazing!!
and your comment made my day. i love it when people know exactly how i feel!! :)