Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fake bowling hurts my arms.

Oh, I know. You are so curious as to what I have been up to, these last few days.
(lots and lots)
Have you ever played Farkle? It's awesome. Come hang out with me and I'll teach you how to play. 
I taught the oldies how to play this Friday. It was awesome. Farkle, farkle, farkle. You're such a farkle.

I went to Amy's after work, and I killed my arms/shoulders playing Kinect for Xbox. 
Intense bowling!!!!

Here is Tiffany and her boy, Austin. They look SO SERIOUS!

And here's this cutie, Bren. Oh my gracious, he is awesome. 

Saturday, I went to Remington's for the annual garage sale. Oh my-- I could have bought half of that place.

What I did buy:

(This orange pecan stuff is AMAAAAZZZIIINGGGG!!!! I need to find where they sell it normally, or I need to find a recipe. Pronto.)

What I did not buy:


Heather bought an incredible set of dishes, a thimble and 8 Coke glasses. It was definitely a successful trip.

After work and Remington's, I hit up Orange Leaf with Amy, her kids, Tiffany, and her daughter. I love that place... probably a bit too much for my waistline. 
I hung out with Amy (amyschmamey) and Danielle (fancy biscuit) and watched Nacho Libre.
"I am the gatekeeper of my own destiny. I will have my glory days in the sun."
Hahahahaha I love that movie.

And now, Sunday is almost over. I went and had lunch with Anthony... McAlister's is not nearly as good as it used to be. This is sad.

I went to Arty Crafty after that (my favorite store!) and I almost came home with some amazing paintings, but I couldn't justify spending the money. 
[I REALLY wanted to buy this set, but it was like.. $250.]

I went home and started cleaning, but then Heather had a craving for Panera Bread, so I walked over there to have a bagel while she stuffed her face.

We started talking about being CRAFTY and suddenly we were on a quest. We went to Hobby Lobby first, but alas, it is Sunday and they are closed on Sundays. We went to Michael's and bought a huge mason jar. But then we decided we needed supplies to make these spool-y things, so we went to Walmart. That was a bust. So we're hitting up Hobby Lobby before I have to go into work tomorrow. 

I bought this candle and rocks to put in my huge mason jar, but the mason jar opening was too small. So, I put it in this HUGE container that used to hold my mints. Hahaaaaaaa

Heather and I are super similar. It's kinda weird. I didn't realize it until yesterday/today when we both realized how much we like "old lady" things and poetry and the elderly and miniature things. It's kind of awesome. We have decided to have a "crafty night" on Thursdays. It's going to be LOVELY.

After hanging with Heather, Anthony met us at Walmart and picked me up from there to head to Amy and Dave's again. (I feel like I live there...)
Amy made chicken tenders and Anthony made this tortellini thing. It was delicious. We played the Kinect again, and I totally beat Dave at ping pong (or whatever) and we had a draw at soccer. I'm sure every part of my body will be in pain tomorrow. This is pathetic.

Did you ever read Amelia Bedelia?? It was one of my FAVORITE books as a kid. I read this one to Bren and Lindsey tonight. Lindsey liked it, I think. I felt so awesome reading to them. (haha) I miss being around kids.

Alright, that's it! I have had an awesome weekend. 



Anonymous said...

nacho is funny

Katie said...

I have no idea what Farkle is but that word sounds awesome. Farkle! And I loved looking around Michael's when I was in the states, so many amazing crafty things (and funky Halloween decorations at the time). I'm glad to hear you had a good weekend, it definitely sounds like it was a lot of fun.

la petite lydia said...

Sounds like you had an amazing weekend! And I've never played Farkle. And have never seen Nacho...

Lindsey said...

I can always find Bobby pins when I don't need them but never when I do! Oh well. And your ... comment made me smile. That is such a bad habit of mine, so I have now become paranoid about it. Oh, and I loved, still love the Amelia books and the Ramona Quimby books too!

Lillian said...

I played Farkle ages and ages ago, but I don't remember how to play it. I've never seen Nacho Libre, need to remedy that. All in all it sounds like you had a great weekend. And now it's time to have a great week!

biscuit said...

HAHAHAHAHA! THIS POST IS AMAZING. I love everything. Especially Nacho. :) I must try bowling on the Kinect soon!! :)

Mandy said...

I've heard so many people say that after playing with the Kinect, they hurt in all sorts of weird places, haha!

Gwiddle said...

I have never ever heard of Farkle! Teach me how to play! You had such a busy weekend! I have never played with a kinnect but every time I play my wii I am so sore the next day. Nacho Libre is so amazing, I need to watch it again, It's been a while. That dresser is amazing, I love all the different colored drawers! I wish there was a Panera Bread here, I think it is a East Coaster thing.. I can't eat bread anyways, but it sounds like it would be amazing. I hope you have a fab week! P.S. I love BEZUZ.. I don't remember how to spell her name, but I loved those books growing up:)

Amylou said...

I haven't played Kinect but Wii bowling killed me too! Definitely an arm workout!
Are those bookends?! They look awesome!
I need to see the Nacho Libre movie. Never have.
I agree. McAlister's used to be so much better! I loved it, but I'm not sure what is going on with them lately.
Yay for craft night! I wish I could have them more often.
Looks like an awesome weekend!

Brianne said...

Dear Liz,

You are awesome. And so is farkle. (We call it fizzle.) I'm following now. (You, not farkle. *wink*)