Monday, August 22, 2011


Yesterday was Sunday, my one day off this week, and I spent it with Amy and her kids. It was a day well spent, for sure.

So Amy and I decided to try our hands at canning. My mom and I used to make raspberry jelly, but that was a long time ago when I was just a kid. I remember that it was the best jelly that I'd ever had, but that's the extent of my memory.

We went to Walmart to buy all of our canning supplies, and of course I couldn't resist buying Bren this twisty straw cup that he saw... He's just too cute.

Amy and I chose orange marmalade and strawberry jelly to be our first experiments, and they turned out wonderfully! It took us 5 hours, but it was well worth our effort. Other than the raspberry jelly that I made with my mom (ages ago), neither of us had any experience. We are definitely going to do this again... next week? haha

Amy made buttermilk biscuits to go with our jelly, and it was perfect!

Sunday was a success, obviously. YUM.

(Side note- Blogger is formatting my posts reaaaallly weird. I hate it, and I apologize for how awkward this is setting up. I'm on my way to work so I don't have time to mess with it. BOO.)


Cheyloe said...

Those look delicious! We bought all the stuff to make jam, but our berries spoiled too fast. Yours look so yummy I may have to get some more though. :P

Gwiddle said...

Seriously how domestic of you too! I envy you! hehe. I am kind of scared of trying canning, but that sure does look delicious! I hope you have a great week!

Amylou said...

I saw some pics on Amy's blog too! What a fun time! I've never tried to do that, but it would be a yummy hobby!