Wednesday, September 7, 2011

coconut and pineapple is the best

So Heather and I made these delicious pina colada cupcakes, and I brought some to work... needless to say, they're all gone. (aside the ones I saved for Amy)

I figured I'd share the recipe! I made up the recipe for the frosting, so feel free to make your own adaptions.

For the cake part, we used a yellow cake mix, and we simply added crushed pineapple to it. We wanted to use fresh pineapple, but the store we went to didn't have any. Next time, that's what we're doing...

For the frosting:
1 bag sweetened coconut
1/2 bag (ish) powdered sugar (to taste.. I didn't use a measuring cup.)
2 t vanilla
1 C butter
1/3 C (ish) coconut milk (to taste)

Mix the cake as usual, and add the pineapple. You can add the juice, too, but be careful so as not to mess with the consistency of the cake.

For the frosting, Whip the coconut milk with the butter and vanilla, and add powdered sugar to taste/consistency. (Add more coconut milk, if necessary.) Toast the coconut on parchment paper for five minutes at 375 degrees. Fold into the frosting.

Heather and I poked holes in the cupcakes with a fork, and we dripped more coconut milk into them to make them more coconut-y and moist. :) :)

Garnish the cupcakes with more pineapple (fresh, if possible), and enjoy!!

Anthony said that these are the best cupcakes he's ever had, and a coworker of mine said the same thing. I don't think you'll be disappointed...


misslarissabree said...

YUMMM Liz!! Those look amazing!

Kathy said...

They were yummy!!!

Fin Ryder said...

Oh those look so good. Did you use full fat coconut milk or lite?

Katie said...

I NEED TO TRY THESE!!! You know what's up girl... pineapple and coconut are THE best.

nat said...

those. look. delicious. Thank you for sharing that recipe!!

Katherine Elizabeth Dominguez said...

Yum! These look delicious! I'll definitely have to try this. Thanks for sharing!