Sunday, November 27, 2011


My Thanksgiving in (poor quality) pictures:

Ant and I met my family at Cracker Barrel for my brother's 16th birthday.

We went back to my apartment for cake.

We had Thanksgiving lunch/dinner at Anthony's house. He did a phenomenal job with the smoked turkey (thanks, Amanda, for the smoker!!), and my mom and his mom contributed other sides. I made some desserts... everything was awesome!!

Our dads talking; our families met for the first time!

My mom's short-lived attempt to play Halo with my brothers.

Heather and Antho's mom aren't pictured, but we had an awesome time playing games. Seth (Ant's roommate) joined us later, and we had a blast playing some crazy games.

My parents singing and listening to their records from high school and college on our record player!

My mom snuck mine and Anthony's initials on my apple pie... HA.

My youngest brother eating his "medieval" turkey leg.

It was such an awesome Thanksgiving... I don't think that it could have gone much better. I'm grateful for so many things this year.

I hope you all had a great holiday!


Amylou said...

Your record player is seriously amazing! You can see it so well here.
And that pie is way too cute!
So glad that you had a happy Thanksgiving!

suzy said...

haha! the initials on the apple pie is adorable.

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