Saturday, November 19, 2011

so youer than you

I love it when people can say that something is "so me." You know what I'm talking about? You see some gaudy piece of jewelry and you are automatically reminded of your sister-in-law. Or you see some classy, high-dollar piece of furniture that reminds you of your grandmother. People generally have distinctive tastes in things, and it's "so them."

People that are "so themselves" are easy to buy for.  I've been shopping recently, since I'm not going home for Christmas this year. I have to send everything home with my parents when they come to Springfield for Thanksgiving. Anyway, I've come across tons of things that are "so Anthony," "so mom," "so Heather," "so Amy," etc. I could buy hundreds of things for these people, because everywhere I go, things just "scream them."


I love that people have different tastes in things, people, music... Some people want to blend, others want to stand out. It's fun that way.


Gwiddle said...

well said! This post is so you! ;) It's true though, I love that people are different, yet you can have so much in common too! I hope your having a fantastic weekend! <3

Janette said...

You are sooo right! However sometimes people pick something up and say "this is soooo you" and it's not.. It's hideous..and that concerns me.. HAHAHA!
Janette, the Jongleur

Heather said...

haha i agree with Janette...some of the stuff my mother buys me and says, "I saw this and knew you HAD to have it!" makes me wonder about what "SO ME" means. I have terrible taste to the outside world, apparently.

But when liz says something is "so me" .... it usually is. ;)

I enjoyed this post. We were just talking about this topic, but you worded it nicely in here.

ANND...i find things that are "so liz" on a more-than-regular basis.

I like things that are you. :)