Sunday, September 9, 2012

I'm about to crash your computer. Mawage, that bwessed awangement...

Hello! I am officially a Mrs., and I'm still cringing when people call me, 'Mrs. Bragg.' It's too weird.  I'm enjoying words like, 'hubby,' 'hus-bo,' and 'husby man.' Not in public though.

Anyway, things have been insane these last few months, but I've so missed blogging! I think I'm back. At least every now and then..

I've been learning a lot about relationships. I mean, I've been dating for longer than I'd care to admit, but nothing comes close to apparently all of the ins and outs of marriage. I mean, WOW. Anthony's dad gave us two books: Every Man's Marriage and Every Woman's Marriage. At first I was thinking about how little time and energy I was going to have to put into reading about marriage. But... we read them. S-L-O-W-L-Y. I'm a super fast reader, but this was waaaaaay too much information for me to handle. Who knew I was already doing things wrong?! But hey- we're also doing some things right! Like reading those books. Anthony's mom wrote, "Learn these lessons now and you won't have to later." Well, I'm trying to. It's going to be a constant thing, but I'm happy to learn with Anthony.

Church today was right up my alley, too. There was a sociologist who graduated from Cambridge. He began studying marriages because he wanted to find out what made them successful. He started out with studying the unhappy marriages so as to see what not to do. It didn't work. So... he began studying happy marriages instead. What he found was that the couples who described their marriages as "happy," had an unrealistic view of their spouse. The surveys that they filled out showed that individuals rated their spouse higher than they rated themselves in various areas.

Pastor said that there is a gap between our expectations and the behavior that follows it. The gap can be filled with finding the most generous explanation of the behavior and believing it, or assuming the worst. [[For example, Person A expects Person B to clean the house, have dinner ready, spend time with Person A. Person B instead becomes heavily involved in work and isn't around nearly as much, resulting in the house not getting cleaned as often and dinner not being as extravagant. Person A can view this in two ways: 1. Person A can take this personally. Person B isn't around because he/she doesn't love Person A as much as he/she used to. Person B doesn't want to cook/clean. Person B doesn't like to spend time with the family. OR 2. Person A can believe the best. Person B wants to do his/her job well. Person B wants to contribute financially. Person B is preparing for the future.

I didn't mean to rehash an entire sermon on here. It just really hit me, with us being newlyweds and all. I really, really, really want to start things out right, rather than find myself in habits I should never have gotten started with. I know it's going to be hard.. but better to start now, right?

I love Anthony, so cheers to a life of learning to love.

Oh, and here's some photos... :) :) :)

[this was right after I'd tried to put his ring on the wrong hand... SO embarrassing!!]

[The following photos are FAMILY photos. We have a huuuuge family!]

[The following two are of my birth family. I am so very blessed to have such great families.]

[Anthony has a huge family, too! Together we could take up an entire city.]

[I know this was supposed to be "for my eyes only" but I couldn't help it. This is priceless!!]

[I got to dance with my birthfather, too. Way cool.]

[My uncle is AWESOME and made this photo booth for us! I need to find a photo of the whole thing.]

Yeah, so... that was me narrowing down!! HA. I have several blogs planned out about the wedding/prep/whatever, so there will be more photos. I hope you care. But if not... just don't read these next few blogs because I'm all about the wedding for a while. :)

AND CAN YOU BELIEVE Amy did this all by herself?!??! She is amazing. I am so very happy with the photos! I have married into an awesome family.

Okay! That's it for now. Have a blessed week!


Beautiful Photo Props said...

What a beautiful wedding!! I'm beyond happy for you both and know that you will both be so happy <3

amyschmamey said...

OH MY GOSh! you crashed my computer. Loved reading this and DUDE! I will never shoot ANYONE's wedding by myself EVER AGAIN! ha. I am happy with these though. You picked a lot of great ones! :)

David A. Bragg said...

So impressed with the life and vitality you bring to your life. If you are both loving each other, with the love of Christ, your only regret will be that you don't have enough time on this earth to love each other more.

Lillian said...

What a sweet post! Your pictures are great and the lesson's you are learning are fabulous. Another fabulous resource is Dr. John Gottman's "Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work"

I am excited to "watch" your relationship with Anthony grow. You're off to a great start.


suzy said...
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suzy said...

gorgeous pictures!! {great job, amy. :)}
love love love your wedding. congrats!!!

Pink Hibiscus said...

Oh Liz! I'm so glad I decided to pop by your blog today, I didn't realise this post was here.

Your wedding looks absolutely beautiful, great job! Even though we've never met, I feel like I know you so I'm delighted that you shared the pictures on here so that everyone (meaning me!) could see.

I hope that you and Anthony have many, many years of happiness to come, and I'm looking forward to reading about your journey.


Amy @ AGirlCalledBeloved said...

I don't know how I missed this post before! Sorry I'm so late to the commenting part6
Dude! I loved every single photo! Your wedding day looked so special and happy and full of love! I love all your gorgeous details. You are absolutely beautiful!!

lisa sweeney said...

<3amaazing post

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Lincoln Madison said...

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