Monday, November 15, 2010

And these are a few of my favorite things!

I am finally at peace with where I am living. As most of you know, I have had a bad run of the roommates, and I was "in transit" for almost six months. It was awful.
Now that I live alone, I get to focus on me! I leave when I want to, I go to bed as early as I want to, and I don't have to worry about anyone else! As self-absorbed as I probably sound right now, this is a really big deal, given the last few months. I am so happy here! I have many people to thank for where I am at now. 

So, I thought maybe it'd be fun to post a few pictures from around my place. Pardon the clarity, as I was using my cell phone.. :)

 As I mentioned before, I have taken up painting!

I love to make pottery! I have a great friend named Kara, and this is kinda "our thing." This specific bowl I made while in her company. :)  
The mirror was my grandma's. She's my inspiration; I have her to thank for my passion.

I love Kenya, and I love coffee! Elena's gonna let me use her coffee grinder so I can finally drink this! I brought some back from Africa a few years ago and it was wonderful, so when a friend went back to Nairobi last year I paid her to bring me some more! Unfortunately, I haven't had a coffee grinder. Thanks, Lena! I will share. :)

I'd like you to meet my frogs. 

Clearly, I like music! The guitar I mess around on, but I don't actually know how to play. The other two are violins. One is electric and the other is acoustic. 

The newest addition to my musical family: the organ! Someone was getting rid of it, and I got it for very, very cheap. How could I pass this up?!

I love things that smell good. This candle smells like cider and it is my favorite. Elena recently discovered it, so our houses are going to smell the same. I love candles, but not as much as her. Behind the candle are my lovely parents and siblings. 

Did I mention I like candles? I also love flea markets. That's where I bought these candles for $5. My house was put together by thrift stores and flea markets, mostly, and I like it that way. The painting thing behind it is an example of my painting frenzy. I don't really like it that much, but I kinda liked how it looked in the frame.

I love owls! There is no reason why. This is my makeup bag, but I hope to get more decorative things. If you like owls, check out this website that my friend Megan introduced me to: Owl jewelry!

So, today, I am very grateful for where I live. It smells good.


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