Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I was driving home last night and I was stopped by the usual red light. I was tired, like normal, so I was sort of slumping over the steering wheel. I caught sight of a young girl, probably around the age of five, jumping around a small patio in front of the door to her house. She was carrying a little umbrella and twirling it above her head, repeatedly. She fumbled the umbrella several times, seemingly trying to perfect a sought after graceful movement. She was clumsy; she was adorable. I envied her.

You see, the rain hadn't even started; in fact, it never did. She was outside, waiting for the rain. This was clearly not an act performed to defy the rain, but rather to embrace it. I used to like the rain. Jumping in puddles was fun, as a kid. "Drinking" the rain from the sky was refreshing.

I don't really like the rain anymore. It means slick roads, wet hair, sopping clothes and soaked homework. It means that my mascara will probably run and I'll feel like I peed my pants until it's time to go home and then it will happen all over again. It means that I'll be tracking mud into my car and into my house, and it means sirens and ambulances for those who slipped on wet pavement.

I think it's interesting how things change as we get older.

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."
Matthew 19:14

I don't exactly know what I'm trying to say, but I haven't been able to get that little girl out of my head. Life gets to be pretty serious a lot of the time, and deadlines and time and family and friends and relationships and obligations can cloud the way that we look at things. I'm aging, as we all are, and I think I'm scared of that.

I suppose that this is a part of growing up.  But we do have the option of choosing how we view that. I need to lighten up, I think. Yes, I think so.



Lillian said...

I can honestly say I'm not a fan of the aging part, mainly because I know that with it come changes I don't look forward to. But I'm not a fan of dying either. Basically, I just want to enjoy life and not worry. What is it Bobby McFarland said? "Don't worry; be happy." I wish it was that easy!

We can't always be that little girl waiting on the rain, but we can appreciate her exuberance.

Good post Liz!

Ashley said...

That's how I feel about summer now. It used to be so amazing and now I work full time. Boo. :[

It seems like we have a lot in common! I'm from Lubbock but I wished I lived in San Antonio. Every time my husband and I get a chance we go there. I just love it. He hopes to maybe get a cop Job there some day

Shewearscrazywell said...

My body feels old...but my soul doesn't. That is how I see ageing. The ol' age monster has been creeping up on me as I see friends who had children that I remember the day they were born...post their kids pics on Facebook...and these kids are like grown. Crazy, right! I look and think wow...5 years goes by faster than it used too...then I go home and play with my dolls :). I heart you..thanks for making me reflect upon this. Hearts, Janna Lynn

Dad said...

Elizabeth, and anyone else who will listen to a crazy old man,

Thinking of yourself as being the age that you are currently is such a very narrow view of life. The way I look at things, I'm 5 years old, and 55. Thirty-eight and eighty-three. I am all the ages I ever have been and ever will be, as many future years as I get.

My life is not just what's happening now. It's the whole thing from end to end. And if I feel like struggling to get up out of a chair, or using the image of a snake on the sidewalk at the zoo to play hop-scotch, why not?

A few weeks ago I bought new white shoe laces. I didn't notice until I was installing them that they weren't just white; they were also sparkly. Probably intended for a five-year-old girl.

I wear them anyway. Why not?


Jenny said...

Ageing sucks. I don't feel old at all but yet I'm getting older. I hate it. :( I sometimes get jealous of my son out in the world having all kinds of fun. I could do the same but I would have to endure looks of weirdness from people :P I prolly wouldn't mind it but still...

Pink Hibiscus said...

That little girl sounds like such a cutie, I love seeing things like that!

I've always liked the look of the rain, which is a good thing considering the amount we get here in Ireland, but I've never liked being caught in it. The fact I naturally have really curly hair helps with that one, one drop of rain and my attempts to straighten it were pointless.

As for the aging, some days I feel old (or at least my age), but some days I wake up and I'm convinced I'm twelve. Then I look around at my room and realise I'm not. It never fails to freak me out haha. But I think you're only as old as you feel, something I tell Scamp when he complains about being nearly four years older than me! :)

(Sorry for the mini essay, I tend to gush sometimes!)

Gale said...

OH man. I just googled something yesterday and this post came up, http://www.willitchangeyou.com/get-excited-about-life/

I think it sorta relates and I completely agree with it and also your post. It's not very easy for me to just let go and be a kid most of the time, but I love when I catch myself in those moments. It's when I feel my truest, with not a care in the world!

Thanks for this Liz. I also love what 'Dad' posted up here!

David A. Bragg said...

Innocence is age defying. Being the father of two grown up 'little girls,' I can appreciate the image. We race to grow them up and then spend the rest of our adult life wishing they'd never had. So much wisdom, joy, and grace. Love the Blog.

Amylou said...

good post and I love that verse!
I think it's good to still just act like a kid sometimes! I do it frequently! LOL
Maybe it's time for a trip to ToysRUs?!

Natalie Denae said...

Best comment of the day goes to....

Dad. Hands down.


Wynn said...

But then again, being outside in the warm summer, in the pouring rain when there's no appointments to get to or no matter if your clothes are soaked, is pretty awesome.

Leave your expensive gadgets at home and dance in the rain!

I have to do that sometime, soon.

Janette said...

What an adorable child! Why do we have to grow out of that mindset?!!!

Janette, the Jongleur

Breeanna @ a brilliant melody said...

As I'm approaching age 30 (2 1/2 more years!) I'm getting scared of all the time I've waisted and the time I spend worrying about things. I've been trying to enjoy the little things a little more and try to slow things down.

la petite lydia said...

I know what you mean. Growing up takes away the adventures of being a kid. Things we once thought were amazing are now bothersome. I want to make sure I don't let adulthood get in the way of things like, enjoying the rain. But I can't enjoy it. For the very reasons you gave.

Ray Bradbury challenged me in Fahrenheit 451. The main character meets a girl named Clarisse. She does things like, smell autumn leaves and says they smell like cinnamon, or she stands in the rain holding an umbrella, but not using it. Guy Montag always wonders why she does this and she says it is because she is "17 and strange" and only those who are 17 and strange enjoy the simple things in life. But they are considered the weird ones.

Have you ever read the book? If not, I hope my comment wasn't confusing.

Twells said...

Very insightful, and I like how you write - I'll be reading.

I also like that verse a lot.

miss indie said...

I know exactly what you mean! I was just thinking about this the other day. It's like we're born with such positivity and joy, and we see everything as a fun adventure. As we get older it changes and most things are seen in a negative light....it makes me sad. I don't to forget what it was like as a child. I don't want to lose that sense of wonderment and happiness and curiosity.
So yeah....haha sorry, this comment was not meant to be so sad. :P