Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I'm a firm believer in saying what needs to be said.

So, here it goes.

God is saving me, daily. I have gone through a ton of crap this last year. As we all have, I'm sure. This semester, I've been dealing with a lot of death. (friends, family, etc.) It's tough. I am extremely comforted by the knowledge of heaven.
If you know me at all, I'm not the type to shove "religion" down anyone's throat. In fact, this very thing has destroyed some friendships lately. That's another post for another time.
But you know what, I love God. I believe in God. I trust in God. I may screw up and I may question/doubt, often. I'm okay with that. I'm a thinker and I want to learn more about the faith I defend.
Anyway, this just needs to be said.
God is awesome. Death or life, he is awesome. He is sovereign. I believe that. He keeps me going. When I blink and something else has gone wrong, I find evidence of Him.

For example:

Anthony. I love this guy. I mean, I really love him. He's taken me on so many "dates" I can't even count them all. When I was dealing with my break-up, he was there. When I freak out about my super deep thoughts, he's there. And just when I need him, he shows up. He's funny, too. So he gives me a break from my mellow tendencies.

And you know what? He introduced me to his family. His family is amazing. Amy and Dave are incredible. Their kids are awesome, too. I have started hanging out with them a lot, and although it's weird for me to feel close to people so quickly, they are suddenly becoming close friends.

And you know what? They introduced me to Hannah. She is awesome! I barely know her and she invited me over when I was hearing super freaky noises tonight.

And you know what? This blogging "universe," of sorts, is amazing! I have "met" some wonderfully inspiring people through this.

And you know what? I can't even name all of the people (Heather, Carolyn, family, coworkers) who have made my life so superb.

I'm happy, you guys! I'm at peace.

I can be sad and restless, too, but overall, my soul is restful.

I'm proud to say that.

So, people, thank you. Thank you for putting up with my rambling. Thank you for listening to my tangents. Thanks for letting me freak out and making me feel like it's okay. Thanks for your prayers. Thanks for your understanding.

"So come out of your cave walking on your hands and see the world hanging upside down. You can understand dependence when you know the Maker's land."

Cheers :)


Lillian said...

What a precious post! I am glad that Anthony has been there for you. You're right his family is pretty awesome. I love Amy and Dave and the kids are just adorable. They are all so easy to love.

You know what? God loves you too! Isn't that just fabulous? Question away, never take anything at face value, not even faith. We cannot follow Jesus if we don't "own" our faith. And we can't "own" our faith if we don't ask questions. We have to know what we believe and why we believe.

I love when God puts people in our lives who speak His love into our situation and remind us that; you know what? God loves us!!

You are precious and I am praying that all the things you are facing now will make you stronger. I am praying that one day you will look back on all of this and say, "Ah, now I see, I needed to go through that then, so I can face this now." I am praying that as you walk this walk of faith (which isn't for the faint of heart) you will be aware of His presence even when peace seems to have left the building. Because sometimes that peace that passes all understanding is hard to find until we stop and breath. But His peace and love are always just right there.

Dear sweet Liz you are in my prayers.

Lillian said...

BTW breath actually ='s breathe. =>

Heather said...

First of all, I love Lillian's comment and agree 100%. (Accept the loving Amy and Dave thing since I dont know them...but I will after your birthday!!)

The day you stop questioning, I will punch you in the face for being "one of those." Your faith does not decrease because your questioning increases--you are simply using the intellect God has given you and using it for a good cause. If you can't question life and faith, what can you question?

Secondly, I'm glad you are in my life. And despite all this craziness.... you are my friend. I feel as if this really needs to be established these days. You said that in a text to me..."I am your friend," and I never realized before how much that means. To have a friend. . and to be a friend. What an amazing thing.

I am so blessed to have other "thinkers" in my life. I look forward to MANY more deep conversations (and even shallow talks lol) in our friendship...

Thanks for being my friend.

amyschmamey said...

Liz. You are a beautiful soul. My brother told me I would love you and he was right. My heart breaks for you that you are dealing with so much death and loss. At the same time it us uplifting to see that you have so many people there for you so that you don't face all this a lone. Always here for you. Love! Amy.

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la petite lydia said...

Liz this is a wonderful post. It is really encouraging to read this. Thank you for posting it. I really like your posts.

This encouraged me because right now I am in a moment of totally questioning God and seeing your statement of "I trust in God." really touched my heart. It was the cherry on top of all of the things I've heard this past week of how God is working in my life. Thank you so much.

We should definitely hang out soon. Definitely definitely.

Ps. Amy and Dave are seriously amazing! They're the best.

Mandy said...

Such a sweet post. I know I don't really know you, but you seem like a really genuine soul, and you deserve all the good that comes your way.


Gwiddle said...

Wow I thought I commented on this post already! DANG. Well anyways, I am sorry that things have been so crappy lately! It is always good to know that you have great friends that are there for you. So are you and Anthony a couple of sorts? I think you two are going to get married ;). Oh my gosh I hate scary noises when you are sleeping alone my husband worked graveyards forever, I would get so freaking creeped out being alone. How is your co worker doing? I hope that she pulled through and that everything turns out okay. Keep your head up high kid!