Thursday, March 3, 2011

Stop texting me, please

"You and You"
I don't wanna know you anymore.
I loved you, the you I knew,
but forget the idea of knowing me now.
Looking at you, your physical you,
I think of the you I knew,
but you begin to speak
and I lose you.
So I'm going to spare myself
the confusion of finding
you in you,
and simply say goodbye
to all of you.

So, hello.

Rough couple of weeks. Next week will be better.

I'm not a fan of most female voices, ordinarily. Oddly enough... I came across both of these songs at "perfect" times.  I started listening to Paramore's new album in October. I don't need to bring up what happened in October, but this song is fitting.
And then, I heard this second song on the radio. I don't listen to the radio much AT ALL, but I happened to turn the radio on when I got bored with my cd, and the very end of this song came on. AND THEN, a couple days ago, I turned on the radio again, and the end of the song came on AGAIN. So.. I "Shazam"ed it. (iPhone app) Apparently it's a really popular song. I just hadn't heard it. 
The song is quite perfect, considering that I've been contacted by someone that I didn't want contacting me. 
Hence the poem.

I'm not bitter-- not anymore. I just have a different perspective on things.

Given that these last two weeks have been really... difficult, my blog is reflecting that.

Hanging out with Anthony and his family (and making new friends) has been really good for me. 

I'm happy! I really am. Life gets me down, like it does to everyone, but overall, I'm okay. I'm pretty content.

[If you're the praying type, please keep my supervisor in your prayers. Thanks :) ]

But anyway, I just wanted to share this with you all.
Thanks for stickin' with me.

Oh, and it's spring break now. So... HAPPY LIZ!

Cheers :)


Lillian said...

Love spring break!! Are you going anywhere or just resting?

The songs say a lot!! As a former theatre major I'm really drawn to that second one it has some fabulous dancing and imagery! Not to mention the message of the song.

I'm glad your happy and content.

I am praying for your supervisor. What's the latest word?

amyschmamey said...

Ok. I am pissed. I had this comment all typed out and then when I sent it, it gave me an error! GRRR!


I have heard that Jar of Hearts song and not given it a 2nd thought, but knowing the cicumstances to which you are referring to I seriously cried while watching that video! Thanks a lot.

Great Poem
Great Post.
I really hope your supervisor can recover from all of this (I know she won't recover fully, but recover... live).

Love you!

Janna Lynn said...

Oh wow...that Christina Perri song was powerful...I had not heard it or seen it before. I am so sorry... apparently (from the comments) I've connected a few dots, and my prayers go out to your hurting supervisor. The dark in life always gives way back to the is the journey that is the hardest part. On a different not...yay spring break...I am in my finals Next week I will have spring break too. Oh...and on a completely superficial note- I love boots with dresses/ in the video! Hearts, Janna Lynn

Gwiddle said...

Spring Break WOOOOOO!!!! Don't party too hard lizard;) Seriously your writing skillz amaze me, that poem is FABULOUS. {the situation surrounding it sucks though, im sorry} I hope that next week is the most amazing week ever for you! & I love Paramore, I've never heard the Christina Perri song before. I do think I may have got this video on itunes for free though. & I freaking love shazam, when I actually remember to use it! haha.

la petite lydia said...

Hooray for Spring Break. Breaks are really nice.

I am so sorry that past few weeks have been difficult. You have been in my prayers. So has your supervisor. I really hope that you will be able to find rest this coming week. Emotional as well as physical.

I know we don't know each other that well, but if you need anything I am here for you! Even if you simply say, "Hey, I need you to pray for me." I will, no questions asked. :)

kenzie said...

thanks for your kind comment! awww.
happy spring break! oi oi oi.
also, ive been in a rut too the past month or so. i blame it on this time of year and situational stuff.
but i hope you feel better soon and this all passes. (it's nice to just write it all down sometimes, isnt it?)
anyway, i'll leave you with one of my favorite quotes : "everything will be all right in the end. if it is not all right, it is not the end."

:) have a good weekend!

Breeanna @ a brilliant melody said...

Sounds like a rough time for you. Just remember they usually make you stronger.

Have fun on your Spring Break! Mine is in April, I want to go on a trip or something :)

maggeygrace said...

Those lyrics hit home for me. Not being able to not be nice to someone who doesn't deserve it? Ugh. Story of my life!

Have a good break! I'm jealous. Mine isn't for another month! Wah!

Delirium said...

I can definitely relate. I hope next week is better for you, Liz! Enjoy your Spring Break! I like both of their voices, btw.. even though I really only listen to 80's music, haha. :)

And seriously........ you're tattoo is probably the most amazing tattoo I've ever seen. Not kidding. I want one.

Delirium said...

OMG, did I really just put 'you're' there?